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Shower Screen Installation, Sydney, NSW

Closeup of a glass balustrade fixture in place on a staircase in a Sydney home

Plain bathroom? Are you tired of looking in the four corners of the room? You see nothing but a boring wall, and you wonder if you can add some difference for your eyes?

Perfect! We’ve got you covered! We are here to provide a more aesthetic sight for your bathroom. Shower screens are very common, and they have become a stylistic feature in the past decade or so.

Mostly you can see it in hotels and resorts, but now you can add it to your very own home. Sydney Glass Pros are here to cater to your Sydney shower screen needs and help you achieve your vision for your dream bathroom.

First things first, what is the benefit of glass as the material for your Sydney shower screen? Is it something that you can use for everyday living?

Well, actually, yes, because people are starting to realise more of the advantages of using glass these days compared to the previous years. They used to think that it is not worth it because it is fragile and easy to break. So, therefore, the use of glass is a revolution to our constructional materials. And over the years, it has now become a part of our modern-day living that keeps growing and improving.

Here are the benefits of having a new shower screen in the bathroom:

  • Creates an illusion of more space

It will still consume space in your area. However, let’s assume it’s just an illusion of space because shower screens are made of clear and see-through glass that can create in your mind a more spacious place.

  • Easy to Clean

Aside from having a nice shower screen, it is effortless to clean for your convenience. Get a towel, wet it with water or any solution that can clear the glass, wipe it, and then you are done. There is definitely no need to call someone to clean your Sydney shower screen for you because you can do it yourself!

  • Safe and Secure

Of course, safety first; that’s why Sydney Shower Screen only uses high-quality glass to assure your safety while enjoying a nice shower.

  • Strong and Durable

Did you know that glass is more likely to last longer than wood materials? The downside of using wood materials is that it can attract termites that cause damage to your structure over time. However, Sydney shower screens are now gradually earning their reputation in the industry. It is finally proving its worth as a promising investment that can really last for decades.

  • Customisable

One of the benefits of choosing a shower screen for your bathroom is you can decorate it on your design, and we can provide you the best material you want for your shower screen that can help it maximize its use. For years in this industry, we at Sydney Glass Pros have been making houses highly graded pre-made glass and customised solutions for our clients. We only use an A-grade glass for our balustrades with a minimum thickness of 12mm and follows the requirement provided by the Australian standards and Building Code of Australia. We are committed to assuring you only the best quality products from us.

Don’t settle for anything less. Call us now, and we offer free evaluations and quotations with every enquiry to build your Sydney shower screens.