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Closeup of a glass balustrade fixture in place on a staircase in a Sydney home

Glass has come a long way as time as progressed with more applications for it than ever before. As little as 10 years ago, glass was essentially used only for windows, doors and screens as it could not boast the flexibility that it has today. Outside of the construction industry, glass is still a common tool in crafts and creative industries.

However, lately, there has been a growing demand for glass balustrades because of the obvious advantages. If you are interested in getting the best services for constructing, repairing or redesigning a glass balcony, then look not further, because we will give you quite a few reasons as to why you are making the right decision.

We are Sydney Glass Pros. A leading contractor when it comes to offering the best Sydney glass solutions. We have years of experience and expertise in pre-made as well as customised solutions for our customers. The glass that we use for our balustrades is always toughened A-grade safety glass with a minimum thickness of 12mm and complies with all requirements set forth by the Australian standards and Building Code of Australia.

Commercial Glass Balustrades

Working with some of the best builders, designers and architects in Sydney, there is no doubt that the Sydney glass balustrades we build provide the best value for money and solutions. With years of experience up our sleeves, Sydney Glass Pros have the team and knowledge to create visually stunning glass balustrades and offer customisable solutions to make your building stand out in a sea of uniformity.

Our strong principles include our regular practice of investigating, evaluating the landscapes and buildings before we offer any solution. This is a free inclusion with our service and includes a free quotation. Our professional glaziers correspond with our installation team to ensure that the service and product you receive is second to none beaten only by the value you get for the price.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

A premium offering for those who enjoy the finer things in life, a frameless glass balustrade is the perfect way to show off that view or provide that extra touch of class to your outdoor entertainment area. By giving us a call on 02 8599 4561, our team of experts are equipped and ready to guide you through the process of your glass balustrade wants and needs.

We build our solutions according to your needs, we may have some pre-made solutions available, however, with frameless glass balustrades, the key is to stand out, not fit in so our customisable options ensure that we have a solution that suits your needs.

It's the modern and contemporary feel of glass that make glass balustrades so impactful, the sleek and stylish finish of a frameless glass balustrades adds a certain visual appeal that other fencing solutions just don't seem to manage to accomplish. Our team is on hand and ready to take your call to discuss your requirements.

A building in the Sydney CBD that has a metal staircase with glass balustrade rails
Apartment blocks with framed glass fencing

Staircase Glass Balustrades

An excellent use of a frameless glass balustrade is implementing it with your staircase. This is a popular look amongst the corporate world and immediately adds flair and style to any home. We can also take advantage of flexibility of glass meaning that curved glass balustrades for your staircase brings a whole new dimension and level of visual satisfaction to your home or workplace. We will make your home look beautiful and modern with our glass solutions focusing on the modern and contemporary style.

Glass Professionals

For a thorough and free analysis of your home or workplace, our team is on standby and ready to take your call today. Above all else, we prioritise safety and exercise care when dealing with all elements of our work. For example, we use toughened A-grade security glass at 15mm thickness for our frameless glass balustrades and apply laminar filming so that if there is any breakage, it remains in one piece and does not shatter everywhere ensuring that there is still a physical structure in place to prevent anyone from falling over the top of the balustrade.

We offer many different types of glassing solutions, for example, do you prefer frosted or clear glass? Satin or polished stainless steel for the rails (when opting for a non-frameless option)? The choices are endless and our experts will guide you through the process showing you examples and giving you a clear understanding of the benefits and what to avoid with each option. We are fully licenced and insured, meeting and exceeding all standards of the Australian Building Code Standards.

For your free evaluation and quotation, contact us today.