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The use of glass in the modern construction industry has brought about a revolution in the construction space. Various versions of glass and glass driven products are used in the various areas of construction. Glass is always considered to be a fragile material and as such, it is not generally used as a structural material but as of late, advancements in technology has made the use of glass feasible in many areas.

The toughened form of glass is now being used in a wide range of applications which makes it a pretty good alternative in a lot of places where until recently, other materials were used.

One major and a widespread application of glass in construction is its use in fencing and making glass balustrades. From ancient times we have seen the railings and fencing being made of either wood or from metals. All the Gothic architecture and the architecture of the medieval times have seen the wide use of metals and wood when it comes to fences and railings. The use of glass as such in the construction of fencing, and balustrades is a comparatively new concept. But ever since the advent and refinement of this concept, this has been an instant hit and has been in use in many contemporary construction projects.

Sydney Glass Pros are the experts in glass balustrades and fencing and we offer free evaluations and quotations with every enquiry.

Deck in Sydney's North shore with frameless glass balustrades overlooking a valley of water
Frameless glass stair rail

What are glass balustrades?

Balustrades are essentially those columns that are used to support the handrails that you usually find on balconies and in staircases. The balustrades as we have mentioned earlier were made out of various materials such as wood, metal, stone, etc. But now they are also made out of glass which is what the team here at Sydney Glass Pros specialise in.

The fencing as the name suggests are the fences and railings that run across your property interiors to guard the edges in elevated floors, balconies, staircases, etc. These fences are also made of various materials such as wood, steel, glass etc. As such, it is evident that these structures are pretty important from a safety point of view, and therefore, need to be made out of the best quality of materials, regardless of whether they are made of wood, metal, or even glass. Our team ensure that the glass balustrades, fencing and other such material is made of the highest quality to ensure the highest level of safety.

With glass being typically fragile, you may have concerns that fencing and balustrades made from glass could surely not be feasible.

Well, let's put your mind at ease and run you through the process of how these are made.

These balustrades are usually made out of tempered, structured and safety glass to accommodate for the highest degree of safety. It is also worth noting that these glass parts and structures are made in special furnaces using high end technology to ensure the glass is toughened to a point whereas to provide the top level of security that can be offered. Such highly toughened glass is then used in making the balustrades and other structures and parts that are then utilised in the fences and other associated elements.

Special care is always taken to ensure that these glass balustrades, fences and other parts are made out to be extremely strong. Whether they are the glass railing panels, or the balustrades, these components are all made to stand the test of time and strength. Now that we know about the making of these glass balustrades let us find out why you should be installing these into your home or commercial property.

Close up of a Sydney glass balustrade
glass fencing with wooden posts leading with waves crashing on the beach behind them

There are a lot of material choices when making the balustrades, so why is the comparatively fragile glass used in fencing and railing works? Why are Sydney glass balustrades preferred? Here are some of the benefits in choosing glass for your balustrade and fencing needs.

Elegant and stylish

Glass balustrades are one of the most elegant and stylish looking elements of design when it comes to modern construction, they immediately add a touch of class and give an amazing look and feel to the spaces that they are installed in.

Natural lighting solution

Apart from promising a better view of the outside, choosing glass over any other material for your fencing needs allows for more natural lighting to enter your home and your life, giving your space a nice natural look and feel where you can showcase the beauty that is your surrounds.

Complies completely to safety standards

All of the glass and other components are made in strict compliance with Australian safety standards and procedures. So, the glass balustrades that Sydney Glass Pros install always adhere to the required safety expectations and are regulated by the required safety codes to ensure that they provide the required support and stability.

Easy to maintain

The best thing about using glass for your balustrades and fences is the ease of cleanliness. A micro-fibre cloth and some glass cleaner is all that you need to maintain the glean and glisten of the glass and ensure that it remains a staple of your property for years to come. Very little to no maintenance outside of cleaning is required.

Enhances the functional and aesthetics aspects

To put it simply, glass balustrades are designed to enhance the look and feel of your balcony, staircase, where ever you choose to install them and the functionality they add is a simple bonus.

With all those benefits in place, there are a lot of manufacturers and players that have come up in the market who are providing the glass balustrades and associated components and our Sydney glass pros are unmatched and in a league of our own. As such, choosing the right one gets overwhelmingly difficult. You must look for the service providers who provide an exhaustive range of services related to use of glass in balustrades and glass railings to make the choice. Sydney Glass Pros are your go-to experts for anything glass related and will save you the headache of looking for multiple providers as we offer affordable, professional and friendly service all under one roof.

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Sydney Glass Services

Enjoy the view from your terrace or enjoy the natural light coming in and watch as it illuminates your dwelling spaces like never before. Our Sydney glass balustrades present you with that perfect view of the outdoors from your property and naturally lights up the whole place as well. Our services include the provision of required materials including the glass panels, shoe mouldings, panel clips, and cap rails, etc. All these components and parts are extremely essential for building your glass railings and associated fittings in the way you always wanted them to be. You have a wide range of options to choose from when opting for your glass balustrades. You can choose the style that best suits your needs. You can opt for the frameless balustrades or you can opt for a more classic framed look ones.

We will even measure out the space to ensure that the balustrades fit your custom needs if required.

No matter what your need is - the terrace fencing, pool fencing, staircase fencing or any other fencing, we have the perfect solution for you with our glass balustrades. Just simply ask for what you need as we pride ourselves on our customer service, we will endeavour to meet your goals any opportunity that we can.

Book a free evaluation with our team of expert and you will not be disappointed in what we can offer you to enhance the safety and livability within your dwelling spaces and places.

So, don't hesitate to speak to the experts and we will provide you with thebest glass balustradesand components.

Closeup on frameless glass balustrades in Sydney

Modern backyard in a Sydney home with a glass pool fence

When it comes to pool fencing, there is nothing more stylish and fashionable than glass. Owning a pool is a luxury and as such you would always want to have such an asset of luxury to be the most beautiful asset of your property. To ensure that that the look and feel of the pools are enhanced there can be no other option than to use glass.

Glass pool fencings are available for all kinds of pools, no matter what your pool requirements are. You may have a small private pool or a huge pool, now you can get the pool fencing made tp match. If you are concerned about privacy, we could get some frosted film to assist with those needs.

We can provide you with glass fences that are either frameless or framed. We will provide you with the outcome you desire and will do it with a smile and the professionalism that you deserve.

The glass fences that we use are made up of specially made toughened glass that lends unparalleled safety. They are not unbreakable, but don't be mistaken, they are not easily breakable either.

The best part of our glass pool fences is the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain. Providing more than just aesthetic benefits, we have designed our pool fences to be very functional as well, offering the strict safety and security that is required when it comes to the pool. The main thing to note is that they solve the purpose pretty well - no matter what your purpose or requirement is. Speak to the experts today and we will provide you with the best options for your pool fencing needs.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Splashbacks are the glass panels that you have to install in your kitchen behind the cook surface or bar. Now choose from a wide range of splashbacks made out of glass in various makes and models. You can choose from a variety of colours and shades ranging from pale to brighter shades. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a traditional one you can be sure that we have the best glass splashback to solve the purpose.

Apart from that, these glass splashbacks are easy to install and fix. Once they are installed they are pretty easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to heat and are an extremely durable option as they are made up of toughened glass. They can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degree Celsius.

Moreover, if you are not happy with the existing designs or standards, we can customise your glass splashbacks to suit the decor and atmosphere of your home. Customised glass kitchen splashbacks are the perfect way to add your personalised touch to your kitchen.

Another benefit of installing glass kitchen splashbacks is that it ensures that the bacteria and other pathogens do not stick into the cracks and grout which means that the bacteria and germs around us have a reduced risk of spreading viruses and diseases in the kitchen.

The best part is the fact that they add a lot of beauty to your kitchen's look and feel. The beauty they lend to your kitchens is timeless that makes your kitchens look truly amazing.

We have a wide range of kitchen splashbacks that we offer and the installation expertise to follow as well.

Contemporary kitchen with glass splashback

Modern Sydney bathroom with glass shower screen in the corner of the bathroom

Shower screens are glass screens that are just in front of the shower area so that all the water that splashes does not come in direct contact with the bathroom walls and floor.

These shower screens are extremely important when it comes to the look and feel of a bathroom; that is the aesthetic aspect of your bathroom. It also helps in enhancing the functional aspects of the bathroom. By not allowing the water to seep through the walls, it keeps your bathroom walls from peeling off or damaging - so it acts as a guard between the wall and the splashing water.

Shower screens also add that sleek and stylish look to your bathroom. It adds an elegant style to your bathrooms, and is often considered as a luxury accessory to your bathroom.

You get to choose from a wide range of elegant designs and patterns that best suit your personality and needs. You can even get customised screens made, all you need to do is let us know and we will arrange it for you.

The best part about these glass screens is the fact that they are easy to install and maintain. Being transparent, oftentimes you can install these shower screens yourself, although we highly recommend utilising professionals to assist with the installation of all such parts.

Make your shower a place of serenity within your home, a place that you would love to go back to again and again. Get a glass shower screen installed and make your bathrooms beautiful again.

Sydney Glass Pros

So, now you understand the inner workings of the glass industry and how versatile and efficient glass is and how glass balustrades and fencing can really add value to your property.

What makes Sydney Glass Pros stand out from the rest?

Professional Team

The most important thing to look for in a service provider which we deliver on is the fact that we have an expert team of professionals who understand our client's requirements fully and can plan and carry out any work or project efficiently and in a way that is able to win the customer's confidence all the time.

Services Offered

The next important thing that we offer is that we are providing all the glass balustrades and other allied services to you. You need to ensure that all the services you need are available at one place so that in the case where you need anything, you can rely on us to provide that for you without having to phone around. This ensures that we are already aware of the existing nature of the installations and will be able to offer any modifications or changes seamlessly.

Frameless glass staircase balustrade

Customer Service

Another very important thing that you must consider is that you must ensure that the service provider has good customer service which is what we at Sydney Glass Pros pride ourselves on. A mere installation or completion of a project is not enough, we strive on our ability to provide proper post installation customer service and management. This is what distinguishes the best from the rest of the lot. So, you can rest assured that your partnership with us is proficient in providing world class customer service.

Alternatives Provided

We ensure that we can provide you with all of the options and alternatives that suit your purpose and needs in the best way possible. If we cannot provide it, we will find someone who can and ensure that the job gets done at the same high quality that we push ourselves to with every job and project that we undertake.

Customisation Options

The possibility of customisation is a big one when it comes to home design and renovations. A service provider for any industry needs to be flexible enough to make the changes to the designs and collaborate with you to ensure that your specific needs and requirements are met.

Glass balustrades, glass fences and railings are the best installations that your dwelling spaces and commercial spaces can get. They not only enhance the aesthetic look of your premises but also increase the functionality. As such, you should always look for the best glass balustrades service provider. Whether it is glass pool fencing or a balcony upgrade or any other requirement, you can now get the best providers in Sydney.

Choose a Sydney glass balustrades service today that provides you with all those services and much more that works with you to transform your premises into a thing of spectacular beauty. Choose Sydney Glass Pros. for that state of the art, top of the class glass experience! Call us on 02 85994561 today for a free evaluation and a free

quotation and you shall not be disappointed!